Located in Panjin, Liaoning Province-China’s old industrial base, Liaoning Jinbi Kechuang Group CO., Ltd is a specialized company that operates in business sectors including special purpose vehicle manufacturing, pressure vessel manufacturing, automotive financing, commercial vehicle trade, and third-party logistics. It has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries and two special purpose vehicle production bases with an area of 700,000 square meter and 200,000-square-meter plant, which contribute to an automation rate of over 80% and an annual production capacity of 5,000 trailers. Geographically close to Yingkou Port, Dalian Port and Tianjin Port, the company enjoys convenient transportation. Having operated in tanker manufacturing for forty years, Jinbi promises to provide customized high-end tanker products to all customers. Our main products are chemical tankers, food grade tankers, oil tankers, water tankers, dry bulk tankers, bitumen tankers ect. We offer customized solutions to customers in Oceania, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Jinbi adheres to the development path of “specialization, refinement, differentiation & innovation”, implements “Made in China 2025” policy and Germany’s industrial policy “Industry 4.0”, and works to construct competitive R&D and business operation teams. It grows into a key enterprise in equipment manufacturing sector and a Well-known Trademark in China through 40 years’ inheritance, innovation and persistence. Jinbi is committed to being an integrated solution provider of special-purpose vehicles and energy equipment, with an ultimate goal: to create maximum value for customers, employees and the company’s future development persistently.

Providing integrated solutions to customers with cost, quality, and efficiency advantages.


Guided by customer demands, leveraging China's robust industrial system advantages, integrating global resources, and establishing a reliable, stable, efficient, and cost-controlled supply chain system. Continuously optimizing processes, organization, and performance management to ensure the ongoing competitiveness of our supply chain.


From a welfare rivet welding factory to an integrated solution provider of specialized vehicle and energy equipment.

In 2023, with a focus on technological innovation and smart manufacturing, the company entered a phase of high-quality development.
On July 22, 2022, the company was renamed Liaoning Jinbi Kechuang Group Co., Ltd., adopting a high-end and international business model.
In 2018, a technology research institute was established, modern production lines were developed, and the company shifted its focus to the high-end international market, entering a period of rapid growth.
In 2016, the company obtained various qualifications, including "A1, A2, A3, C2, C3 Pressure Vessel Production Licenses" issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation, "ASME (U/U2) Certification",  "China Classification Society Mobile Tank Container Approval Certification," and "French BV Tank Container Certification.".
In 2011, Liaoning Shanqi Jinxi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was registered, with a total investment of RMB 2.38 billion.
In 2008, it obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 system certifications.
In 2006, the company acquired specialized vehicle production qualifications and established Panshan Jinbi Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
In 1983, the founder Wang Shujun established Panshan County Civil Welfare Rivet Welding Factory, which served as the predecessor of the Jinbi Kechuang Group.


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